The Great Divide

The Inauguration


    On January 20th 2017, Donald Trump became President of the United States and the world around me seemed to weep (it even rained in Philadelphia). Trump’s presidency signifies several different things to me and the people closest to me. The depression I felt the morning I woke up to realize that Barack Obama would no longer be my president took me back to the night of the election. When I was sitting in my dorm room and the only light was that from the television presenting the under qualified President Trump. Tears filled my eyes as I watched the racist Trump supporters, a sea of white people, cheer brightly that the time to “Make America Great Again” was now.

    The time between the election and the inauguration seemed to fly by and now we have to face the chilling reality of the state of America. Don’t get me wrong- I was not crazy about how people of color, women, immigrants, the LGBT+ community and so many more were treated before Trump became the president-elect. However since then people have shown their true colors even more than before. Stories of racist encounters have risen on social media along with the mistreatment of muslims, women and immigrants. What I feared most about a Trump presidency reared its ugly head: bigots were no longer afraid to reveal themselves. Our society that had once been able to shame bigots enough to keep their hatred as hidden as possible, was now filled with vicious arguments regarding whether or not women who are strippers deserve to be treated as humans. As if they could not be both. Thus revealing to the world around us as well that America was not getting any better. That this is still a country that runs on hatred. That cis white men bought everyone else out of love, respect and understanding. So many things went into the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States and it is our job moving forward to offer education to those who need it. Now is the time more than ever for us to stand together in solidarity and push through the next four years. President Obama, First Lady Obama and Senator Sanders have taken every opportunity to remind us that in the end, we must not lose hope.



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