The First 3 Weeks

Adjusting to College
    It has been 3 weeks since I started at my new school and I am already stressed and wanting to cry all the time. The first week was brutal as I made my way through the huge hectic campus to find the buildings each of my classes was in. The second week wasn’t much better except for the fact that I successfully got one of the classes I needed to stay on track in my major. The differences between this college and my old college are substantial. The school was huge so, it was now even more easy to become invisible. I never see the same people twice. The classes are much bigger at my new school as well. There are between 30-100 people in all of my classes so, just walking into the room can be overwhelming. Needless, to say I haven’t made any friends and I probably won’t. From my first three weeks at my new college, I have realized the importance in appreciating the little things. After a long week, binge watching shows in bed or going to the movies from time to time is such a good getaway. Over the last few weeks, I have been locked in my house stressing over homework or staying on campus for hours in between my classes watching Netflix in my campus library. Getting used to changes can be difficult but, setting into a routine can make things easier. I have a certain time that I do homework each day and my reward is whatever tv show I recorded (How to Get Away With Murder, Being Mary Jane etc.). Television always romanticizes the college years as being the best years of your life but, that’s not true for everyone. It is important to build incentives for yourself and push yourself to achieve your goal.


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