Tindered Out


    From the end of December to the middle of January, I joined Tinder to see what it was all about. Usually when I hear about Tinder, it’s mostly talked about as a joke or people use it to find people to hook up with. It was only when my best friend from New York, Amirah, began to use it that I realized that dating on social apps was a valid form of dating and is becoming a common way to meet new people. Amirah talked to many different girls on dating apps and even went on a few dates with some of them so, I decided to try my luck.

    Right away I see why no one my age takes the apps seriously. Most of the people that I met from the app were just as disappointing as the ones that catcall me on the street. Call me crazy but, being asked to come “chill” at someone’s house when I barely know them actually has no appeal to me whatsoever. I’m not asking for anyone to take me to a five star restaurant and pay for the entire meal but, planning a date and I’ll pay my own way. Needless to say, when I was asked to “chill” at a guy’s house, the conversation was terminated. Out of all of the guys that I got past “hi” with (maybe 20 guys?), two of them asked me on a date. The others asked me to come to their house (for…gee who knows!) , come smoke with them or we never planned to meet at all.

    I planned to stay on the app until February but, I couldn’t take it anymore and I was off of the app before January was even close to being over. A part of me wonders why Amirah and my own experiences were so different. Is the way boys date girls and the way girls date girls so different? Does it have something to do with the men that live near me? I encourage that anyone that plans to use the app does not give their number out and talks on the app for as long as possible. One of the guys still texts me from time to time and it gets creepier and creepier the further away it gets from when I met him. One thing I did get from it…one of the guys recommended some anime I have yet to see 🙂
     P.S. Check out Amirah’s Blog: ThroneofThoughts.Tumblr.com she’s funny and a great writer as well! 


7 thoughts on “Tinder

  1. I’m so old fashioned when it comes to meeting people. I always think how People would react if I tell them I met my partner on a dating site and that alone has kept me away.


  2. Im sorry to hear about your experience. I have never used tinder but I actually met my husband on a dating site, Pleanty of Fish. I did encounter a lot of…interesting people. But he actually messaged me after I took a hiatus from the app and wasn’t really active on there. It just sort of happened. lol. Our first date was at the movies.


  3. That was the same impression I had of those types of apps until I decided to try one out (not Tinder). I ended up meeting my bf on there and we’ve been together now for over a year…almost a year and a half now! I do think there’s a lot of scum out there, but there might be a few good ones.


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