Best Friend Breakups

Best Friends For a Surprisingly Short Amount of Time

    If you ask me, best friend break ups are more painful than break ups with your significant other (although I have never experienced the latter) and it is because we are taught that friends are forever! TV has always shown me that friends are the people that have your back no matter what and I grew up watching duos like Daria and Jane (Daria), Arnold and Gerald (Hey Arnold!) and Miley and Lilly (Hannah Montana). Plus I read plenty of books where friendship was a major theme. I expected the bond that I would get from my best friend to be unlike all of my other friends because I would be able to share good times and bad times with this person. I could tell them anything and they wouldn’t pass any judgement, we would have so much in common and we would understand one another. As unrealistic as it sounds, I do know a lot of people that have friends like this.

    When I found that, it was great but, one way or another it fizzled out (I think like 3 of my best friends when I was younger moved away HA). Once you break or lose ties with them, just like for a significant other, everything feels different because that person is suddenly not in your life anymore. You don’t have someone to definitely go to the movies with, your shoulder to cry on is gone and what other friend do you have whose house you can go to and take a nap??? I think that I just have a bad habit of getting too close to people too quickly and it blows up in my face. It sucks. Then you don’t even have someone to go to to talk about this major breakup you’ve just went through because they were that person. You can eat a ton of ice cream or watch some sad movies about friendship (I don’t think there are any about best friend break ups so I’ll get on that). Just like with a significant other though, the key to getting over it is patience. All wounds heal in due time. Just like with regular break ups sometimes relationships with your best friend don’t work out because it simply was not meant to be. It’s best to move on and let the past be the past. Appreciate the friends that you do have. In time, things will get better.



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