You Know I Love Your…

Brown Skin


    I love love LOVE my skin and I love to say that because it took so long for me to be able to say that. Growing up I was surrounded by beautiful black women from my mother and grandmothers to the teachers in my elementary school. However, I was unable to see that beauty in myself. Especially, being someone who loves television in film so much, since there were very little to no representation of black women on television in the cartoons that I loved so much. Since this was the case, I held a standard of beauty to be what I saw on tv and less of what I saw in real life. I wanted the blonde hair, the blue eyes (not to say that these are definitely white traits, black people can have them too) and since I didn’t have that I felt as though I was less than. I was well into high school when I learned that the society’s standard of beauty was not one that I had to obey.

    In fact, this standard was set by a racist society that holds other races beauty and worth beneath that of a white society. I figured out that just because I didn’t have TV type features doesn’t mean my features don’t belong on tv. I encourage everyone with little brown babies to stress the importance of self love and loving their skin. Also, content creators should be reminded of the importance of equal representation. As a budding filmmaker and comic book creator (as well as some other things), I hope to create characters that I didn’t see as a child that other children can see themselves in. One day, I hope everyone will be able to see that beauty of melanin and all little brown babies will know how to put their Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy into full effect!



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