February Earthly Findings

I Decided. and Keira Please


    I expected for Big Sean’s I Decided. to be one of my earthly findings this month and it did not let me down. Big Sean’s latest project was nothing less than AMAZING. From Light, the first song on the album, I knew that this project would be special, personal and touching and it was exactly that. My favorite songs on the album are Light, Owe Me, Halfway off the Balcony and Inspire Me. I haven’t been able to listen to most albums straight through but, I Decided. allowed me to do so on a daily basis since it came out. If you haven’t heard the album yet I highly recommend listening to the album right away. He is coming to Philadelphia in April so, as soon as $50 magically lands in my pockets, I’m buying the ticket even if I go to the concert alone!


    Keira Please is an instagram and twitter page for the girl that has been circulating everyone’s social media this month because of her amazing cosplaying skills. I have been following this girl on social media for YEARS. Even on my Instagram and Tumblr which I have not used regularly for over a year now. It wasn’t until she dressed as Ramona Flowers, from one of my favorite movies Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, that I realized this girl was amazing. In addition to Ramona she has cosplayed characters like Garnet from Steven Universe, Kim Possible (from Kim Possible!) and Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and she nailed it every time. I highly recommend following her on her social media and looking at all of the cool characters that she has cosplayed especially this month during 28 Days of Black Cosplay.


SB: I highly recommend watching Moana as well. Moana came out last year towards the end of the year but, I just saw it at the beginning of the money. The film was incredibly beautiful, funny and compelling. I was fighting tears during several parts of the movie and you will not regret checking it out!

+ Chance won at the Grammys!!! 


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