Urgent Entry! Missing Black and Latina Girls

Bring Back Our Girls


    I had another post in mind for this week but, I’ve decided to write about something that has been disturbing me deeply: the black and latina girls that have went missing in D.C. Social media has been the leading pioneer in spreading awareness of the missing girls as black and latina users are unwilling to let this issue be overlooked and ignored by a whitewashed media. No amber alerts have been sent out in regards to the young girls that have gone missing so far. Over 501 missing person cases have been filed in D.C. since 2017 has started. Over 20 people have went missing within the past week, 10 of which were people under the age of 18.


You can watch D.C.’s news report on the issue here: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/DCs-Missing-Teens-Whats-True-and-Whats-Not-417021633.html

    There has been very minimal reporting by the media on the missing girls and it has been reminding me of the missing black and latina girls from New York, particularly the Bronx, last summer (2016). Human trafficking is a global issue that needs more attention and it is no surprise that many people believe that the young girls are being abducted for this purpose. In the above video, it is suggested that the teens are simply running away but, this does not lessen the fact that these children still need help and must be found immediately. The case of the missing black and latina girls hurts because they are being erased by the media in favor of petty stories regarding Spiderman Homecoming’s first promotional poster and the new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Once again, our stories are placed on the backburner yet, if white girls were being abducted, the  media would be in a frenzy. The “All Lives Matter” movement or as I like to think of it the “Shut Up Blacks” movement has been silent on the matter of the missing girls. It is revealed who the Women’s March that took place in January was really for.  

    It is our job to make sure we are not overlooked and spread awareness on this sickening issue that is being ignored. If you have any information about the missing black girls call 202-727-9099. Stay updated through social media, follow me on twitter as I will be retweeting new information as I see it (@Mayatheemartian). Read and spread the word! If the media can’t do it’s job, we as content creators can do it for them.


3 thoughts on “Urgent Entry! Missing Black and Latina Girls

  1. This is so upsetting and disturbing. I too was very surprised that outside of social media, I had heard nothing on mainstream TV and radio. Our girls matter and we have to be “the voice” !!!


    1. I totally agree! It’s a tragedy that mainstream media is ignoring such a serious issue. As long as we are educating ourselves and taking action, we are doing something about it. Thank you for commenting!


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