Stay Woke and Avoid

The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse


  Last week’s post was about some pretty problematic people in the entertainment industry that a lot of people admire blindly. Since posting that entry, a lot of people have been mentioning some important people that I have left off of the list. Those people being Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift. I left these women off of the list to do this separate post on why their actions in particular are harmful to society in ways worse than (some) of the people on the list from last week.


Lena Dunham- I have an old tweet on my phone of Lena Dunham saying she had a dream about “an African American rodent”. Just thought I’d share that. Anyway, Lena is the creator and star of an extremely overrated show on HBO called Girls. A show that features no people of color unless they are the help. When she went to India, she said that she felt worse for the homeless stray dogs than the people who were experiencing poverty. Lena Dunham has been racist so many times, I think that she and Amy Schumer are secretly having a competition on who’s a worst person. Here is how Lena may have won it: she wrote a collection of personal essays where she described touching her sister and doing “anything a sexual predator might do”. What she had said was so disgusting, it was definitely disturbing to read especially for survivors of sexual assault! When she was faced with criticism for what she wrote in this book, she claimed to be disgusted with people’s reactions. Eventually she released a statement saying she does not approve of any kind of abuse.  

Jennifer Lawrence- Like the people on the other list, Jennifer’s problems mainly come from her being ignorant. Her gross comments are often followed by an apology which probably makes her the least harmful on the list. However, it is a problem that she says such terrible things because she is often regarded by Hollywood as being quirky and hilarious for a lot of them. Jennifer Lawrence often pushes heteronormativity in her interviews. On one occasion she referred to herself as being “so dykey” for playing sports when she was younger. This comment suggests that straight girls who play a lot of sports are not feminine and enforces athleticism as being a masculine quality. This can be shrugged off right? Wrong, because women who play sports like Serena Williams are so often mocked in the media for being muscular. Serena is often being called a man (amongst other things) on social media for the body type she earned by working hard at her craft.  Furthermore, talking about issues concerning mental illness publicly is difficult. Especially for people that have to deal with them. In an interview on The Tonight Show, Jesse Eisenberg opened up about about his struggles with OCD and how he deals with it on a daily basis. Jennifer Lawrence, who shared the couch with Jesse that night, interjected to say she wants to have some “weird quirks”. Jesse’s response was “You can have them”.

Amy Schumer- I’d like to start by saying Amy Schumer is in no way funny and I don’t know how she even has a career. In one particular “comedic” monologue, she described an experience she had in college. She talked about how unattractive she felt in college and how it often kept her from sleeping with guys because they would always choose the skinnier girl. However, everything turns around for her when she gets a booty call from a cute guy she knows. When she gets to his room she sees that he is drunk beyond coherency but, she goes in anyway. She proceed to try and have sex with him even though she is completely sober and he is falling asleep then waking up throughout the entire interaction and losing his erection. When a man takes a intoxicated woman home and has sex with her while she is in this state, it is regarded as rape. What is the difference between that and what Amy is making a joke about? Men who are raped are often shamed by society to the point where they often do not even come forward and just harbor the experiences for themselves overtime. Amy’s joke is making that guy as well as all of the others the butt of a joke. Maybe Amy won the competition after all?

Taylor Swift- Personally, my favorite memory from 2016 was Taylor Swift being exposed as a liar by Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift was mentioned in a lyric by Kanye West where he says “I made that B* famous”. Taylor Swift expressed outrage over the lyric but, according to Kim, Taylor was aware that the song featured the lyric because Kayne called her personally to clear it with her. Taylor Swift proceeded to lie and play the victim resulting in a long speech about not letting other people discredit your hard work. Kayne West is already painted as a crazy black guy and often times a villain so, the  media rallied in support of Swift. However, on one faithful night, Kim K posted videos on Snapchat of Kanye reading the lyrics to Taylor and Taylor saying that she doesn’t mind and she thought it was going to be cool. She even said that when the song came out people would be outraged but, she would say “I was in on it the whole time”. Then her story completely switched when the song actually came out. This, of course, is not as serious but, this instance reminded me of cases where a white woman would lie on a black man and the results would be deadly. Taylor Swift acting as if she is a victim in this case lead to Kanye West being slandered in the media and used to push her white feminist agenda (haha). This isn’t the first time that Taylor revealed herself to be The Hollywood Snake (credit me for that). She also, involved herself in Nicki Minaj’s problem with MTV and the media’s treatment of black women in the entertainment industry. She claimed that Nicki was pitting women against one another when instead, Nicki was just expressing frustration about black women being cast aside even when their art makes such an impact on society. I thought it was pretty ironic that Taylor would bother to say this, when the music video that she was nominated for was about her rivalry with Katy Perry…but, I digress.  



19 thoughts on “Stay Woke and Avoid

  1. I love the way you have dissected the clumsy and consciously threatening and dispicabe behaviors and words of these women. I hope others will pay close attention.


  2. Anytime I see anything with Lena Dunham, I groan and scroll past. I hate that she’s in the news all the time with the amount of things she’s done – especially with her sister.


  3. This was fantastic, I’m not caught up on all this stuff. It’s interested to read. I didn’t know Jennifer Lawrence was like that. And I liked how Taylor Swift was playing the victim. ( I could see her doing this) I would have never known about this, if I didn’t stumble on this post! Thanks for sharing, it was a great read!


  4. Maaaan look, these ladies are problematic! Thank you for noting the double standards in many of their cases because the privilege is real and people are messy with it. May they face the realities of their actions and statements and truly change.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG!! Ok hey girl.. I’m from the facebook group post..
    for starters… i dont know much about any of whats been going on with the stars EXCEPT for the fact that last week I started watching GIRLS, and let me tell you it sucked. so bad.
    I was sucked into it because it was so bad and found myself at like 11 pm on the fourth episode, i shut my computer and felt disgusted with myself… the show is stupid.
    Point blank.
    But I had no idea Lena wrote a book and said something about touching her sister…gross.
    Someone remind me why she is famous….
    Anyways just wanted to support you on this.
    As for the 3 other scenarios I fully support you.
    Great post and real eye opener.


  6. I hardly ever pay attention to celebrities. They usually don’t use their platform for any good and in real life most of them just annoy me anyway, lol.


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