Day Out: Culture Shock 2017

Day Out 2: Culture Shock


    My old school has a festival at the end of the year where they get artists on the rise to perform. This year, the concert was said to lack diversity but, I still went to see my friend Amirah who I have not seen for a few months. Amirah and I managed to make the best out of the event even though the weather wasn’t too great, we weren’t interested in the performances (except Jaboukie who we missed :/ ) and their having the same rides as they did last year. At the concert last year, they had performers like Justine Skye, Thundercat and Kehlani.

     This year was actually drastically different for me because I didn’t spend the event with my friends last year at all. Me and Amirah were together all the time this year. We saw the film, Sleight and got on all the rides at the event. I am glad I wasn’t there for too long because it was pretty unpleasant to be at my old school and it felt uncomfortable. All in all, the event wasn’t too special but, it was worth it to see Amirah. Our long distance friendship remains unchanged and it was great to get to spend the weekend with her!


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