Help Yourself and Find Your

Black Girl’s Safe Space


    As Beyonce made clear through the visual art that was Lemonade, being a black girl in America is hard. It is hard to be a black girl in a world that is both anti-black and anti-women. We usually carry what that means with us on a daily basis. We have to deal with sexism and misogyny from all races and we have to deal with racism, sometimes internalized racism from black men. Whether we realize it or not, it is weighing us down and changes the way we interpret the world and our place in it.

    However, quite recently I have joined a facebook group that was made to be a space for alternative black women and it has been so refreshing. There aren’t really any problems with explaining problematic behaviors because most of the women have faced these behaviors in their lives and we use the group to uplift each other. It wasn’t until I joined the group that I realized I didn’t real have a space that I could freely be myself with people who wouldn’t really judge me and understood where I was coming from. I encourage women and girls to find this space for themselves. It is truly something special to be in a group of woman of your racial background that are POSITIVE and KIND to one another. If you don’t have a space like this make one for yourself! If you are interested in joining the same space I have, it is Adorned by Chi’s Soft Black Girl’s facebook group.


5 thoughts on “Help Yourself and Find Your

  1. Hey Girl, Hey! I’m in this group too and I hope to find more like it in the future.I just had to check this post out when I saw that you are a fellow steven universe fan. I recently did my fist cosplay as Garnet.


  2. I like the network of people who look like me to be uplifted by. I prefer diversity. Yes, no one really gets the struggle like those who have been through it but I like to see parallels with other races. Great post! This is a start.


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