Should you GET OUT?

Interracial Dating


    The film Get Out by Jordan Peele definitely explores a lot about race and blackness in the United States. After its release, a lot of people began to question Jordan Peele’s relationship with his wife: a white woman. People would say things like he’s a sell out and question the effect Peele’s marriage has on the overall impact of the film for its audience. While there are people who date outside of their race because they hold whiteness as the standard of beauty and respectability, this is not always the case!

    In my experience, there are a lot of black guys that are very obnoxious about not dating black women because they say black women are “loud” and “ghetto”. They almost hurt themselves because they’re so excited to tell everyone how black women are ugly, have nappy hair and compare them to cockroaches. This is always pretty funny to me considering that it is usually these same guys that claim black women who date white men are “ruining the black family”. Then on the other hand, there are a lot of black women who feel as though black men are not their equal because of their education or black men are not respectful and they would be better off dating someone outside of their race. Either way, they have romanticized whiteness and condemned blackness based off of stereotypes. If everyone would just mind their business and not put their two cents in about who was dating who, none of this would matter. Since that seems to not be on the table, here are some ways to know if you should “get out”. By the way, if you are either one of the people above, this post is probably not for you.



  • Specifically seeking out a white significant other is WEIRD. Worst than that, it is fetishization of another race. Ask yourself why you “only date white guys”. What exactly are you getting from them that other men don’t have? Are you dating them just because you want mixed children because they’re “so cute”? I have news for you. Black babies are cute too! Being open to dating outside of your race is fine but, it is a completely different than preying on a certain race for mixed babies.
  • Find out your white significant other’s views on issues that are faced by your race! I always think things are hilarious that probably aren’t to other people; I was floored when I heard that people who are in interracial relationships were rudely awakened by their boyfriend chanting “Make America Great Again” after Donald Trump was elected president. I have a dark sense of humor. It reminded me of the pictures that often circulate social media where there is an interracial couple and it says “Destroy racism. Have mixed babies”. Interracial relationships do not destroy racism. Teaching people to work against/unlearn oppressive behaviors fights racism. You can date a white person and they will still hate black people. They can like you and hate black people. I’ll probably revisit that topic another time. If Black Lives Matter comes up and your bae says “I just think it should be all lives matter”…honey. If your cousin Pookie from the A gets shot up by the cops for not getting out of his car when they asked, you’d be better off talking to a therapist about it.
  • Don’t stick around if they don’t stand up for you to their family. I’m not saying they have to change people’s minds or end racism within their family. That’s not always a possibility. However, if Aunt Caroline calls you a nigger at dinner and Jessica is still quietly forking at her chicken casserole instead of saying much about it, Jessica is not your “ride or die”. Think of the other social issues that you face on a daily basis that your significant other would be indifferent to. 



Personally, I won’t even like someone if they aren’t vocal on social issues that are faced by marginalized groups in society (Including coons. That’s why I got over ASAP Rocky). I guess that’s just me though. Stop saying people are sell outs because they are dating a white person when they could be doing more than you to do something about Black America. You can still date a white person and be “woke” as long as they are “woke” too! If you like dating white people who aren’t woke and could care less about any other black person but you, that’s fine too I guess. Enjoy your “Rose”!


5 thoughts on “Should you GET OUT?

  1. Very well put. I agree with your views pretty much. I don’t care who anyone dates, just dont degrade a whole race by stating a bias reason why you don’t date them. I think that s absurd.


  2. After this week on the bachelorette that Enjoy your “Rose” sentence has double meaning for me. Yeah, it always amazed when people criticize an interracial couple when the white person or “other” in the duo does more to speak up for the black community than their black bf/gf. I also don’t understand the ones who have a white or other bf/gf and that white or other don’t like black men or black women. Yet stay saying they are not racist because they have sex with a black person;


    1. Rachel picking white guys is getting met with articles about how “black women DO date outside of their race” foolishness. It’s so frustrating to see black women face so much backlash on dating outside of their race. And I have heard sooo many stories about black people who get racial slurs at them by their white partners. It’s a shame!


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