Day Out: Bell Biv Devoe

Day Out 3: Bell Biv Devoe Concert


    On June 1st, Bell Biv Devoe came to my city and my mom bought tickets so we could go together. I was so excited to see the show and they did not disappoint. These guys were seriously amazing. My mom told me they are always good but, I wasn’t expecting for them to be doing so many steps even though I know they did a lot of dancing at their shows before.

     Especially because I was talking to someone about Bobby Brown and they said that the last time they saw him he got tired in the middle of them dancing and stopped. So all the other members of New Edition kept dancing and Bobby Brown was like “Mannnnnn, I’m too old for this mess.”

    Anyway, for that reason I thought that they would take it easy but, they killed it! The went on this tour with SWV and En Vogue. En Vogue also KILLED it. They had moves just like Bell Biv Devoe and they were so high energy that the crowd was going wild during their entire performance.

    My mother and I had so much fun. It was a great experience for the two of us and we were both dancing and singing along. I definitely want to go to more shows with her. I kept telling her that I hope New Edition goes on a tour soon so, we can go to that. Plus I want to see Keith Powers in person because…it’s Keith Powers.

    Bell Biv Devoe closed out the show with a fun and funny performance of “Poison”. “Poison” was funny because they had audience members come up and dance and some of those people looked crazy! My mother and I could not stop laughing the entire time. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should! They put on a great show. The performed some New Edition songs too like “Cool It Now” and one of my favorites “Mr. Telephone Man”!


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