All Muslims are not Terrorists, Becky. BUT

NEWS FREAKING FLASH! We Live in a Terrorist Country!


    Okay. Yes. There have been a few terrorist attacks by Islamic Extremists in the past couple of years. However, these are Muslim extremists and they should not represent an entire religion of people. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this. Especially because the KKK, which is a TERRORIST GROUP, justify their actions somehow through Christianity. The KKK and other hateful groups that supposedly follow Christianity do not represent an entire religion. Both religions are based around loving one another and a higher power.

    The United States literally started off as a terrorist country beginning with the eradication of the Native American communities. POC and gays face prosecution from the KKK and the KKK was never labeled a terrorist group in the United States. This terrible group that brutally murdered so many people have been allowed to exist long enough for them to openly endorse a presidential candidate in an election. The deaths of African Americans in this country was due to an open hatred by the KKK (and other terrorist groups that probably exist within the police department) and it is treated like a little injustice that is in the past and that everyone should just get over.

   Men get off easy for their crimes against women more often that not. Women are not in as bad a position of women in other countries that have to go through genital mutilation but, women face brutality and rape often. Just a year ago, Brock Turner raped a woman behind a dumpster and it was treated as though it was no big deal by so many people. They blamed the victim for being drunk instead of blaming the rapist for being a predator. He was sentenced to three months in jail and was protected while behind bars. These kind of cases are the reason women are often afraid to come forward about sexual assault and rape. They get all of the humiliation and none of the justice.

    Not to mention, the crazy white guys that come out all the time as wanting to kill random people or black people. Just last year, a guy went to the city and stabbed a black man to death with a sword and he planned to do it. Dylan Roof planned an attack on an African American church where he killed so many people mercilessly. There are so many accounts like this that happened way more often than islamic extremist attacks. Yet when these things happen the guy is just a poor lost soul who went down the wrong path. BS! A terrorist.


TERRORIST: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


    So next time you feel like attacking Muslim people consider that it makes no sense to blame an entire group of people for a crime committed by a few individuals. Before looking at other countries to point the finger at as being terrorists, start looking in your own backyard.



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