June Earthly Findings

June’s Earthly Findings




    The best thing that happened to me in the month of June was SZA’s new album CTRL. I listened to SZA before but, this body of work was so relatable and well done. My favorite tracks on CTRL would have to be Supermodel, Drew Barrymore, Garden and Wavy. She collaborates with Kendrick Lamar on a song called Doves in the Wind and it’s great. Basically the album in its entirety is amazing and so are the music videos she has made for it so far. If you are a SZA fan-or even if you aren’t-give it a listen.


    LaLa is a black Youtuber who lives in South Korea and works as a teacher.  She shares what her life is like via her Youtube and gives people a taste of what life is really like living in South Korea as a black woman. It’s very exciting to me because South Korea is a place I would at least want to visit and it would be cool to visit some of the places she goes. Sometimes she talks about the places she’s been in Seoul! If you want to check her channel out, you would have to look up Lala and probably “South Korea”.



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