Bumble Buddies

My Experience on a Dating App for Gal Pals


    After months of not knowing anyone in any of my classes, I remembered how hard it is for me to make friends. Only this time it was even worse because unlike in high school, I only had four friends in the city and I see all of them once in a blue moon. So, I was more than excited when I stumbled across an app made for girls to find friends.

    The set up is essentially like Tinder where you look at the person’s description and can swipe right if you want to talk to them or swipe left if you don’t. If you match with them you have 24 hours to message each other or the match will disappear.

    It took no time for me to realize that I would be disappointed by this app. Not because of the app itself; it was a pretty good idea. I was disappointed because Bumble is much slower than Tinder and this is why. It seemed as though Bumble was a lesser used app. Of course you don’t have to be bothered with people trying to sleep with you right away. Ironically girls asked me to hang out, go to lunch or the gym on Bumble more often than guys on Tinder asked me to go anywhere. However, since the match fades within 24 hours and people don’t get on often, it takes a while to get a match. Nothing crazy like a week but, it can take a few days. Which is much longer than Tinder.

    I met a couple of really nice girls on the app and they were nice to talk to but, even though we said we would meet up, we never did. After we said we would meet, the conversation would stop and I would find myself looking for new people to swipe right with. Ultimately, the entire experience was pointless because I hadn’t made any new friends as a result of being on the app. Maybe one day the app will become more popular and it’ll be easier to meet people and actually hang out with them. Until then I’ll just be talking to myself on twitter.




7 thoughts on “Bumble Buddies

  1. Hmm, I have heard a lot about this app…especially from my counselor. Have you used Coffee Meets Bagel? I don’t think it’s used for platonic relationships (but I could be wrong), but it seems nice.


  2. Okay, never heard of this app before….doesn’t sound like fun tho. I really don’t fancy trying apps to meet new friends because so many fake profiles nowadays and we can’t really know who is who; except for known friends. Thanks for sharing, might be trying Tinder to see how it works tho xx


  3. This is an interesting concept. I definitely feel like such relationships would be harder to make work as a direct result of the app in comparison to strictly dating apps because so many people can BS on dating apps but you still technically get the experience out of it.


  4. I have a few friends on Bumble and they too complain about the slow movement of the site and how long it takes to find a match. I enjoy reading your reviews of these sites.


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