Summer Blues

When School is Right Around the Corner


    The summer doesn’t end in September for me and it never has. Nope, the summer is officially over when school starts and you can’t go on vacations, hang out and relax as much as you could before. Of course, I wasn’t doing any of these things anyway but, the thought of completely losing the chance and returning to the stress and misery of college makes me sad. I thought this feeling of dread would end with high school but, since I transferred to a new school and became a commuter, college is not as fun as I hoped. Just thinking of it now makes me desperate enough to dig my own grave. There isn’t a chance of me doing that (just yet) so, instead it’s time to just trudge through it.

     If you still have even a few days left of summer, I would encourage you to do at least one thing that you wanted to do before it’s all over. Whether that’s taking a quick trip to the beach or getting your belly button pierced, just go do it while the atmosphere of fun is still in the air.

    If you are a college student like me, pull yourself together and remember that it will all be over in about 4 months. Most of you probably have friends at college (must be nice) so, at least you can look forward to spending time with them, going to parties or whatever it is that college kids do these days. Also, Halloween is right around the corner. That’s what’s getting me along. If it weren’t for Halloween, the rest of the year (and the first half of 2018) would look like a complete wasteland to me. If you can afford it (and you happen to be one of the college students that isn’t broke…a rare breed), you could also try to plan a trip for winter break! Even if it’s just for a weekend. Back when I had friends in college, we would occasionally take day trips to the city or visit their houses nearby (like Long Island). Just taking your friends home for the weekend is much more fun that staying in the dorm every weekend or going home by yourself.

    Seasonal depression is real and usually hits around the winter holiday. Don’t let it get the best of you, try to spend time with other people even if you hate it, don’t neglect your studies and keep moving forward. At the end of the day, that’s all you can really do. 



One thought on “Summer Blues

  1. Hopefully the few months are able to fly by for you. Reading this made me feel for you so much. I always HATED having to go back to school, and would literally have panic attacks in the days leading up to returning to campus. Like you mentioned about seasonal depression, mine would also spike during the fall semester as well. Good luck with school though!


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